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The town of Lovran is situated in Croatia and it’s near the coast of the Opatija Riviera within 6km. Lovran is really unique and picturesque town that embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean, and unique place in the world of lasting beauties such as magnificent architecture full of amazing Villas, period houses and churches. Lovran has perfectly clean sea and well maintained beaches. It’s surrounded by mountains, and it has a mild and healing climate.

Lovran has a lot of award winning hotels, excellent restaurants with authentic Croatian meals. Lovran has a huge 12 kilometres long paved footpath that stretches along the seafront that’s named Lungo Mare. Lovran has a lots of things going on such as music festivals, interesting art and culture programmes. It is absolutely recommended to visit the slopes of the mountain Ucka that is 1404 m high.

Lovran  is situated on the western coast of the Kvarner Bay and it has a population of 4,101 according to 2011 census. It is named from Laurel (Laurus nobilis), that’s why Laurel is  shown in the coat of arms of Lovran.

Lovran is the oldest coastal settlements on the eastern shore of Istrian peninsula. In the Middle Ages it was an important urban and shipbuilding center of northern Adriatic. A sudden development of port towns in the vicinity (Trieste, Pula, and Rijeka) which became the new and dominant urban centers in the region, Lovran stopped it’s growth and remained a nice small and authentic town full of preserved historic features that are still present for the millions of tourists that had been visiting it.

By the mid 19th century, the area gains prominence as it becomes a fashionable resort of Austro-Hungarian nobility. The long tradition of tourism is still strongly felt in the Lovran region, and it forms the spine of the economy.

The region is rich and full of cultural-historical heritage. It has a parish church with medieval frescoes and Glagolitic inscriptions, and the 14th century tower of St George‘s Square within the old urban core. Lovran has approximately 500 villas on only 28 square kilometres and that’s one of the things what  makes Lovran one of the few and unique places in the world.

Lovran was one of the earliest settlements in the region of Istra, at first it was major shipbuilding town in the early Middle Ages.

It’s development as the tourist destination made it famous the same as Opatija. Climate and it’s position made the Austro-Hungarian elite began building more than 500 villas by the mid 19th century. Since then, tourism has been the main strength of Lovran’s economy.

A visually attractiveness of town,and the interesting history can be seen in its architecture. Old town features churches dating back for centuries and the narrow streets common in the historic Croatian cities. The Austro-Hungarian influence of the 19th century can be seen in the design of the many villas. It is really a wonderful town to explore.

Lovran accommodation

The location ,mild climate ,perfectly clean sea ,wonderful  beaches and famous health tourism help make Lovran an appealing destination. With a wide variety of hotels, villas, apartments and private rooms available, the town accommodates travellers the entire year.

Lots of villas, many of which housed the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy over 150 years ago, are now available for tourists all around the world, so tourists are now provided  with stylish and comforting lodging with excellent service and amenities.

One of the famous hotels is Hotel Excelsior that provides something for all guests. Its seafront location with beach access and spacious rooms make it perfect for family holidays. The business traveller can take advantage of the congress offers and meeting rooms. The hotel is immersed in a pleasant park with beautiful scenery, and it’s ideal for a wedding.

Why Lovran?

Not just because it’s well known, it’s because Lovran is a must see if you really want to see the best of Croatia. Croatia shows it’s true beauty here, situated on the clear Kvarner Bay and surrounded by the green of mountain  Ucka. It is a top area for active holidays. The sea offers clean beaches and options for water sports like diving and boating, and the hillside is perfect for mountain biking and hiking.

But Lovran offers so much more. It reall is a culinary destination for local flavours such as chestnuts, asparagus and cherries. The Asparagus Festival is held each April and the Festival of Cherries is held in June. And the most popular gastronomic event is Marunada, or the chestnuts festival, which Lovran hosts every October.

What to see and do in Lovran

  • The Lungomare, the seafront promenade
  • Marunada (Chestnut Festival), Asparagus Festival and Cherry Festival
  • Carnival celebration every January-February
  • St. George Square and City Tower in old town
  • Churches of old town (St. George, St. John the Baptist and Holy Trinity)
  • Active holidays (near the beach and Mt. Ucka)
  • Family-friendly environment
  • Romantic weekend getaways (Hotel Bristol)



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